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How John Lewis Brought Texas Barbecue to Charleston
Lucky Peach

Barbecue turns into an obsession because it’s never perfect. LINK

Eater Awards - Restaurant of the Year

No one made a bigger splash in 2016 than Lewis Barbecue. Pitmaster John Lewis woke up the the smoked meat scene with his Austin-style brisket and Tex Mex nights. Ever since he started popping up at breweries around Charleston, the town has been hooked. LINK

Up in Smoke: John Lewis shares his recipe for the perfect smoky turkey brine
Tasting Table

People don't immediately think turkey when they think of barbecue, but that didn’t stop John Lewis, chef and owner of Lewis Barbecue in Charleston, from adding it to his menu. LINK

Lewis Barbecue's brisket will make you moan
Charleston City Paper

All Hail the King, Indeed LINK

Texas pitmaster brings magnificent brisket to Charleston
Post & Courier

Straight talk: The brisket’s magnificent. The fun venue in which it’s served and excellent add-ons that go with it are just gravy. LINK

Today’s South Carolina barbecue is chef-inspired, upscale — and the future
Washington Post

With apologies to Bruce Springsteen, I’ve seen the future of barbecue, and it is Charleston, S.C. LINK

Smoke Show
Tasting Table

Barbecue fans are willing to put their differences aside for native Texan John Lewis’s new restaurant, Lewis Barbecue. LINK

Where’s the Beef: A Barbecue Rebuttal
Eater National

Full disclosure: I have a 30-foot-by-30-foot mural on my restaurant of a glorious Black Angus cow proclaiming "All Hail the King," so you can probably guess my pick for best barbecue meat. I am from Texas, after all. I love how beef can soak up its seasoning and how smoke can get into every nook and cranny. Biting into a crispy, salty piece of brisket bark might just be my favorite thing to do. LINK

John Lewis Is Bringing Texas BBQ To Charleston, South Carolina, For Good
Food Republic

But while Charleston can lay claim to the best Lowcountry cuisine, Southern charcuterie and more, one man thought it was missing something. That man is John Lewis. LINK

The Brisket Evangelist: John Lewis
Garden & Gun Magazine

You can track the evolution of John Lewis through his cooking equipment. First came a run-of-the-mill o set smoker from Home Depot. Then an electric smoker. Not good enough. He built his own out of steel trash cans in his back- yard, then one from a refrigerator. LINK

On the Side
This Thanksgiving, take a cue from five chefs’ flavorful sides—heavy on the veg—and serve some soon-to-be new traditions for your family’s feast

30 Under 30 - Rock Stars Redefining the Industry
[Powers] is an essential part of the operation at Lewis Barbecue, where he serves as chef and “air traffic control” for all moving parts.
The 25 Best Things to Do in Charleston, S.C.
It's worth the ten-minute drive from the downtown corridor to Lewis Barbecue, one of the city’s newest BBQ spots, in the city's up-and-coming Upper Peninsula.
14 Places to Eat Like a Local in Charleston
One of the most popular spots for a midday meal is also one of the newest, Lewis Barbecue.
Best New Restaurants in Charleston
His classic Texas-style BBQ is just damn good -- we’re getting hungry just thinking about the super-moist and perfectly baked brisket.
This Spicy Tequila and Watermelon Fresca Is the Essence of Summer
Beverage director RH Weaver shares the recipe for an easy summer hit, a spicy watermelon and tequila drink.
Lewis Barbecue adds Tex-Mex Tuesdays
Now pitmaster John Lewis will have a weekly opportunity to flex his Tex-Mex strength.
276 Ways to Rule Summer: The Food & Wine Grilling Guide
Just before taking the meat off the grill, stoke the coals with a hair dryer for a crisp sear. I have a bright-green "designated grill dryer" that I keep in my truck.
Behold the Crisp Interiors at Lewis Barbecue
Ever since pitmaster John Lewis came to town with his brand of Texas barbecue and knee-weakening brisket, people have hungered for his restaurant to open.
A Charleston Magazine Feature: 15 Minutes with John Lewis
He’s been called “the only skinny cook you can trust.” Fireside with John Lewis.
Ask a Chef: How to Make Better Labor Day Side Dishes
A variety of textures, flavors and ingredients means there’s something for every palate, and enough to balance a hearty serving of meat.”
Good Eats from Garden & Gun: Eat Like a Local in Texas
Lewis is getting ready to open Lewis Barbecue in Charleston, where he’ll be an ambassador for smoked beef in the heart of whole-hog country.